Jet lagged


Even though it feels like bedtime to me, it’s only 8 o’clock here. I’m headed to bed. (Although the party suite is next door.) I forgot to mention that, as I was leaving my house to go to the airport this morning, my shoe caught the hem of my pants and I almost fell down the steps. As usual, I twisted something. Now my knees are so swollen and painful, I can hardly walk. I hope they feel better tomorrow.

In the meantime, enjoy the fabulous view from my room!

4 thoughts on “Jet lagged

  1. Sjeesh Suzie. Really. Do you have to complain about everything??
    While showing a picture of a seemingly VERY nice hotel room/view (crappy hotels don’t have views like this.), can you at the very least say you’re enjoying where you are?? That you’ve gotten the opportunity to do this?
    I’m not talking about falling-on-your-knees-gratitude. But the acknowledgement that you’ve made it past the worst.
    I’m sorry, may be it’s me, but if I were in your position I’d celebrate on my blog how far I’ve come from my ‘downest’ period. Especially on the blog – the people who have given so much.
    (Mind you, not me, that giving part. I’m still recovering from losing nearly everything.)
    But if it were me in your position and having this blog – I’d celebrate every one second in having the opportunity of attending a national conference across the country.
    Not to dwell on it, but at the very least acknowledge it. Not talk about how I hurt myself (once again), but how lucky I am, especially since so so many of my readers and contributors are not able to experience what I am right now.
    Sorry for the rant.
    Welcome to the West Coast. I guess.

  2. I suspect that Susie is in San Jose, where I live (right behind the large white building in her view, if I’m correct.
    Susie, if you’re in town, please call me. 408 582-4079
    Maybe I can buy you a drink or a meal.

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