4 thoughts on “NSA

  1. The ultimate lie in all of this is classification. The things that the two parties agree to take away from the public are the scandal. We are the enemy. There is no way the contemporary terrorists are a sliver of the risk real or imagined posed by the former Soviet Union. Yet we establish this fascist architecture justified by an external enemy we have conjured to replace it.

  2. We all remember the Carlyle Group? The private equity firm that Dick Cheney ran? The Carlyle Group owns Booz Allen Hamilton. The bin Laden family owns a big piece of the Carlyle Group. So in effect the bin Laden family of Saudi Arabia makes lots of money when the NSA spends our tax dollars to have Booz Allen Hamilton spy on us. Don’t you feel safer now? “Americans detest all lies except lies spoken in public or printed lies.” Edgar Watson Howe.

  3. How far can “plausible deniability” be stretched to cover for Obama’s statements? Other high government officials?

  4. Truth. Democracy. Decency. Fair play.

    None of these terms mean one thing to the powers that be who rule us.

    These are archaic concepts dredged out by the PTB only for purposes of manipulation and crowd control. They are simply tools such that the few can control the many, and drain them of any remaining assets they may have.

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