I saw the picture this morning of Obama standing in Nelson Mandela’s jail cell, and all I could think was how Obama could never have stood up to power like that. After all, Obama is a constitutional law lecturer who has legalized massive surveillance and indefinite detention. (And by the way, it’s widely believed that a CIA tip led to Mandela’s incarceration.)

2 thoughts on “Mandela

  1. As Secretary of Defense in Bush the elders administration Dick Cheney demanded that the South African’s keep the “terrorist” Nelson Mandela in jail. Obama and the Democrats have been reluctant to sell ObamaCare to the public. Why? An opinion piece written by the editorial board of the Orlando Sentinel yesterday might explain it. “Give business a boost: Expand health insurance,” was the headline. They went on to say, “Top businesses in Florida—including Walt Disney World, Lockheed Martin, Walmart, and General Electric—said expanding (health care) coverage would save employers big money on the cost of insuring their own employees.” Interesting. “Here’s why: when people without health insurance show up at emergency rooms, the cost of their care gets shifted to those with insurance. That marks up the cost of health insurance for businesses by 30%,” they concluded. So…….ObamaCare will now shift that 30% cost upcharge away from businesses and to taxpayers. Thanks Obama and the 1%.

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