3 thoughts on “Snowden

  1. So Obama thinks that Snowden is a horrible human being? Because Snowden had the audacity to release secret documents which proved to the American people that our military (NSA) was/is spying on us. The documents also showed that the military (NSA) was/is using taxpayer money to hire private corporations like Booz Allen Hamilton that rake in big profits for helping them (the military [NSA]) to spy on us. Us stupid Americans are using our own tax dollars to spy on ourselves. And we are permitting the military (NSA) to construct a vast security apparatus which they will use against is. All of this while free market Capitaists enjoy massive profits as they destroy our 4th Amendment freedoms. “Yipee, we’re all gonna die.”

  2. I find it frightening to know that our government would pull someone’s passport.

  3. Snowden is wrong. He’s not stateless. He just has had his passport revoked, something the State Dept does when a criminal suspect flees arrest by traveling abroad. And Snowden is, in fact, a criminal suspect (some of the charges against him, like the Espionage Act charge are bogus, while others, like revealing classified information and theft, are not) who is, in fact, fleeing arrest by traveling abroad.

    I’m glad that Snowden did what he did. But frankly, his characterization of his situation is pretty ridiculous. He’s not suffering from “the extralegal penalty of exile”, he fled the country because he expected to be arrested. And he can return to the country if he wants, though he will immediately be arrested.

    Not everyone is entitled to asylum, only people with legitimate asylum claims, as adjudicated on an individual basis by the various signatory countries to the UDHR. Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights only applies if he is charged with purely “political crimes.” I’m sure some people think that his charges are purely political. But it’s hard to see how theft of those files from his former employer is purely political.

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