5 thoughts on “The light dawns!

  1. are they reluctant to cover Egypt? I don’t watch teevee news, but the print media I do read has been covering the Egyptian protests pretty consistently over the past week.

    and the idea that the corporate media won’t cover people critical of Obama is laughable. That’s why the tea party never could get any attention!

  2. This is the first I’ve seen of anti-American sentiments. And the corporate media is mostly covering the Zimmerman trial.

  3. The protests aren’t primarily anti-American, they are anti-Morsi/anti-MB. That being said, they are so massive with so many people carrying signs you can certainly find people who are pissed off at the American government for its perceived support of Morsi (just as there were anti-American signs in the protest against Mubarak, for the same reason)

  4. I’ve seen coverage, but not the anti-American stuff. Not surprising considering how the US considers itself the arbiter of regime change in the Middle East. But the traditional anti-US tinge has taken on a ‘personal’ note in the age of the unitary executive. And perhaps the recognition of Obama and America as enforcers of Corporate hegemony in the world hits a little to close to the truth for our Corporate controlled state media.

  5. Sorry but the corporate media=corporate government=fascism. Isn’t that the def? Corporation plus government=fascism?

    What is happening with the soft-pedaling? Stop it.

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