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  1. “and swam in their ginormous pool”. I believe you meant to say “in our ginormous pool”.

  2. Where is that pool, Susie?

    One of things which shocked me when I came to NJ from WI was that so many swimming areas were essentially privatized. Municipal pools often required membership, which was limited to those living in the municipality. Or they were outright private clubs. I think there are some swimming places in state parks, which have their own fees….

    In Milwaukee, all the pools were free, with only a small charge for a basket to hold personal items. In my era, the pools were open from morning to 9PM. I used to love swimming in the lighted pools.

    One extremely hot summer evening, about midnight, I and two friends decided to scale the fence a take a quick dip in a pool about 2 blocks from my apartment. One of the women stripped entirely, the other kept her bra and panties on. We swam a bit, got out feeling great — and that’s when the cops decided to let us know they were there…. Oops. We all got off with warnings, which the fully nude woman may have helped with….

    I haven’t swum in an outdoor pool or lake since I moved out here, and I so terribly miss swimming.

    But, WI and MIlwaukee in particular was strongly influenced by the German socialists who settled there and had strong, strong communitarian ideals.

    Which makes Scott Walker so terribly wrong for the state!

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