Bless their hearts

Today in Texas insanity, the Capitol cops refused to allow women to bring tampons or sanitary napkins into the legislative gallery for the abortion law vote:

People entering the gallery are being allowed to bring feminine hygiene products into the Senate gallery Friday after Department Public of Safety officials were initially prohibiting people from being such products into the gallery.

DPS officials has been searching bags before letting people into the gallery, requiring them to throw away paper goods such as magazines, receipts, feminine pads and tampons. One DPS officer said authorities had been instructed by the Senate’s sergeant at arms to confiscate anything that could be thrown from the gallery at senators on the floor. She said they had already found objects such as bricks, paint and glitter in bags.

Senate rules ban food, drink and some other objects from the gallery.

Sen. Kirk Watson, D-Austin, said he spoke with the sergeant-at-arms after hearing about the “ridiculous” prohibition. DPS officers then received instructions from their supervisor to let people bring in pads and tampons.

DPS officers outside the gallery said they had no knowledge of any attempts to bring containers of feces or urine into the Senate, despite rumors alleging some protesters had tried to take some into the gallery.

What if they’d thrown their dirty stinkin’ girl pads onto those upstanding Texan politicians? The horror!

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