2 thoughts on “Heat wave

  1. Amazing isn’t it? The east is having record setting heat and the desert SW has the coldest daytime high temperature ever recorded. What a coincidence. It’s too bad there’s no theory about why weather is being so weird . . .

  2. “A very anomalous weather pattern is in place over the U.S. for mid-July.”

    Yet. locally and on national news broadcasts I’ve heard reporters say this is just normal summer weather. Hhhmmm…

    From Merriam-Webster:

    Definition of ANOMALOUS
    : inconsistent with or deviating from what is usual, normal, or expected : irregular, unusual
    a : of uncertain nature or classification
    b : marked by incongruity or contradiction : paradoxical
    — anom·a·lous·ly adverb
    — anom·a·lous·ness noun
    Examples of ANOMALOUS

    Researchers could not explain the anomalous test results.

    Origin of ANOMALOUS
    Late Latin anomalus, from Greek anōmalos, literally, uneven, from a- + homalos even, from homos same — more at same
    First Known Use: 1655

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