Greece lays off 25,000

I’m sure our bankster overlords know what they’re doing, even though Greeks are already picking through the garbage for food:

The Greek government approved a new round of public worker layoffs required by the country’s ongoing bailout, affecting25,000 employees. Unemployment in the country is nearly 27 percent, according to the most recent figures, with the youth unemployment rate more than double that.

The European authorities administering Greece’s bailout insisted upon the new job cuts before they would release the next $9.2 billion in rescue funds. As a result, 15,000 jobs will be eliminated, and another 10,000 will not have their contracts renewed when they expire later this year. The job cuts mean thousands more without disposable income in a country already three years deep in a vicious economic cycle driven by austerity.

3 thoughts on “Greece lays off 25,000

  1. Greece is the test case for the 1%. They want to know how far one can be pushed before the blowback occurs. Then they want to know what form the blowback will take. So far the Greek people haven’t done much of anything. Except to suffer. Puts one in mind of a far away place, a long time ago when another group of people just took it and wound up mostly dead.

  2. Problem with standing up and fighting back is that, in my lifetime of experience, when I stand up for justice I am always alone. Which makes me a great target for all the bad guys. In fact, sometimes the very people I’ve stood up for run in behind the bad guys and get in a few kicks of their own.

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