2 thoughts on “Libertarianism in action

  1. Profit is the goal for the 1%. “From each according to their ability. To each according to their need.” Is that a solgan from Marx’s Communist Manifesto? Or the modern day American ideal? Take our graduated income tax system for example. Shouldn’t a millionaire or billionaire pay more in taxes than someone making the minimum wage? Yes, of course. So… from each according to their ability. Shouldn’t the poor, the unemployed, the infirm, and the aged receive enough income to keep body and soul together? Yes, of course. To each according to the need. Isn’t that the American ideal? The Christian ideal? Republicans are what’s wrong with America. (That slogan was stolen from Morelly by Louis Blanc {“The organization of work” 1839} and then by Marx in his “Critique of the Gotha” in 1875.)

  2. The guy’s just another corporate slug. So what, the lot of the CEO class are. But there’s some forest and trees confusion at work. The middle of retailing has been crushed. You think Sears stores are dumps. Have you been to a JCPenney lately? In this region we have seen the failure of Montgomery Wards, Donaldsons, Daytons, Powers and a host of others. Like so many other locales the successful survivors are the low end Walmart, Target, Kohl’s etc.. This is about distribution of income.

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