Fever dreams

Koch Brothers

It’s not even 10 o’clock, and the heat index is 97 already. I fantasize about staking out the Koch brothers and Jim Imhofe somewhere on the desert sand, and setting up a camera so we can watch them wither away in the heat. A girl can dream, can’t she? Because this new normal blows.

2 thoughts on “Fever dreams

  1. They can say and do whatever they’d like. They’ve got the money. There ‘is’ another guy with plenty of money running around the world making lots of noise and doing nothing. Exactly the opposite of what his job calls for. What the f***** is John Kerry up to anyway? If he’s trying to make Peace in the Middle East he’s talking to all of the wrong people. So it’s more likely that Kerry is putting on a good show for us losers. Abu Mazen (Abbas) no longer has any power. Actually the Palestinians would like to hold another election but the Israelis won’t allow it. Israel is afraid that Hamas will win the election in a big way. And Israel doesn’t want what happened in the Egyptian election to happen in any Palestinian election. Real democrats those Israelis. But alas, Israel and Kerry are trying to hold back the tide of history. Which, because of their hubris, will soon swallowed them both.

  2. Very nice wanted poster. But you’re missing the most important part – the bounty. Chuck should get the bigger one, since he is the CEO – Dave is just the VP.

    Anybody remember “Wanted – Dead or Alive” western with Steve McQueen back in the late 1950s? Something like that.

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