Nixon never left

So the FBI has been investigating the leadership of

The FBI memo says:

“There are several unanswered questions regarding,” the [FBI] memo says. “It describes itself as a non-profit group that survives on generous contributions from its readers. Who are these contributors and what are the funds used for?”

Reporting on this document in August 2011, raised concerns about government overreach and intimidation of critics of the country’s wars and national-security policy. Even disclosing the memo’s existence proved hazardous: the site began to lose major funders—to the tune of approximately $75,000 a year, according to Garris—who now feared that donating would draw unwanted attention from the feds.

Garris says’s experiences are no different from the government obtaining phone and email records of top journalists or compelling writer James Risen to testify about his sources in court. “They’re getting away with systematic intimidation and sabotage” of those who seek to dig deeper into the goings-on of the national-security state, he told TAC.

So, without any evidence that had committed any crime, but had only questioned and criticized US national security policy, the FBI investigated the readership of the website. The fact that the journalistic website drew the critical attention of the FBI was enough to scare off lots of donors. If that happens often enough, poof, no more Problem solved.

Read the whole thing.  Pass it around. People need to know.