This Pensacola shooting is apparently the new normal, too:

Middleton, who lives with his mother in the 200 block of Shadow Lawn Lane in Warrington, had been searching for a loose cigarette in his mother’s car early that morning, he said Saturday.

A neighbor saw someone reaching into the car in front of the home and called 911.

While he was looking into the vehicle, deputies arrived in response to the burglary call and ordered him away from the vehicle.

Middleton said he backed out of the vehicle with his hands raised, but when he turned to face the deputies, they immediately opened fire.

It was at that point that Walker, who was sleeping inside, awoke to the commotion.

“I heard the shots,” she said. “(The deputies) told me to close the door and not come out. They called an ambulance for him.”

Her car sustained multiple bullet holes and her son suffered shattered bones in his left thigh, that will require the insertion of a metal rod, she said.

A Baptist Hospital spokeswoman said Middleton is currently listed in good condition. Walker said she expects her son home by Wednesday.

5 thoughts on “Disgraceful

  1. He was lucky that cops can’t shoot straight. But how safe is Pensacola if the deputies can’t kill a black man at close range? (snark)

  2. This is the problem with semi-automatic pistols as used by the police – once they hear a gunshot, everyone empties their magazines. Of course – this will be deemed a “justified” shooting, just like that poor (unarmed) guy in New York City that tried to pull out his wallet when the plainclothes cops closed in on him shouting.

    It’s fortunate that the victim here didn’t have a gun – they’d be charging him with assault on a police officer by now.

  3. Do the officers pay the damages (hospital and car repairs) out of pocket, or do the tax payers cough up the cash for this error? This is a big piece of the problem: no consequences for bad judgement. No assault charges and no restitution, WTF, let’s go shoot somebody.

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