4 thoughts on “‘This is for Trayvon Martin’

  1. Well, the story is by Alan Duke. I went to school with him. So, if it has some sensational aspects to it… no surprise. An entertainment reporter, but, he is no Bill Tush.
    I don’t watch too much teebee news, but, while on the road in an Interstate diner, I watch about 40 minutes of CNN. First time since Katrina.
    Awful. yuk. Just tabloid stuff.
    If were a rash of robberies like that, well, ok, that is news.
    Tabloid stuff. He should be ashamed.

  2. The racial dimension of this story is that on the white victim’s say so alone there is a day one hate crime investigation.

  3. Well, Florida just criminalized being African American in your family’s neighborhood. SMH…. it’s disgusting…

  4. Most of the people living in Florida came from some other state. Many of them are from the Mid-West. Lots of them are old and white and have a few bucks. They’d be Reagan Democrats. What we call Blue Dog Democrats these days. Or Clinton’s donkeys. When we talk about the race dynamic in Florida we should keep those facts in mind. Didn’t this incident happen in a Northern city?

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