Maybe Eric Holder could stop going after medical marijuana users

And concentrate on the bankers he claims didn’t do enough to indict:

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is probing 15 banks over allegations that they instructed brokers to carry out trades that would move ISDAfix, the leading benchmark rate for interest rate swaps.

ISDAfix is published each morning after banks submit bids for swaps via Icap, the inter-dealer broker, in a number of currencies. The CFTC has been investigating suggestions that the banks deliberately moved the rate in order to profit on these deals.

Given the hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of interest rate derivatives trades that occur annually, even the slightest manipulation can have a substantial effect. The CFTC, which started to investigate ISDAfix after last summer’s Libor scandal has now been handed emails and phone call recordings that show the rate was deliberately moved, according to Bloomberg.

3 thoughts on “Maybe Eric Holder could stop going after medical marijuana users

  1. Why Holder will or won’t do this or that is a question for the ages. But because he takes his marching orders from the 1% the answer is pretty clear. Free Bradley Manning.

  2. Well, I just don’t understand the medical marijuana raids.
    When I visited an old friend in Humboldt County in California, it seemed that the medical use was very common and everyone supported the “boutique” pot. A lot of folks were against “legalization” overall of marijuana because they were afraid that the corporate farms in the valley would take over and drive the biggest driver of their economy (legal or otherwise) out of business.
    You know, it is all getting so weird that I am glad I am getting old… Sigh…

  3. Holder won’t defend the Constitution in Gilberton, PA, the same people are the fraudsters at work here. 1% fascism seems to be all the rage these days. They’re too busy chasing those that expose their crimes against humanity to prosecute those who actually commit crimes against humanity.

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