One thought on “Yep

  1. Thanks for giving Ian some attention. He deserves more. He could write a book on this subject, but he’s already got one in the oven. On political and moral decency. Doubt he’ll sell many copies inside the beltway.

    Sample: “The basic political principle is that we all share our humanity. Compassion starts from imaging ourselves in other people‚Äôs skin…, An injury, an injustice, to one of us, is an injury and injustice to all of us…. When you think this way, when you feel this way, right action, right law, becomes much more clear.”

    Compare with Obama administration’s torturous, byzantine lies and increasingly desperate defense of NSA’s spying programs. The difference between simple and simplistic. Simple isn’t necessarily easy, because the context we operate in is corrupt. Simplistic is almost always complex, because a primary objective is obfuscation.

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