Over the edge


This happened last night:

A shooting during a town hall meeting in northeastern Pennsylvania has left two people dead and at least four others injured, according to local media reports.

“All I saw was the holes go through the hall,” said Pocono Record reporter Chris Reber, who was at the meeting in the Ross Township municipal building. “I saw smoke and plaster flying out, blowing out through the walls.”

The shooter had a pistol with a scope and starting shooting through the walls. He shot several people and then went to his car to retrieve another weapon.

The gunman was reportedly shot with his own weapon after being tackled by West End Open Space Commission Executive Director Bernie Kozen. The shooter was taken into custody when police arrived.

State troopers have reportedly secured the home of Rockne Newell, but refuse to confirm whether Newell was the shooting suspect. Newell had a history of disputes with the Ross Township Board of Supervisors over the condition of his property.

This seems to be the guy, asking for help from an online fundraising site:

I need to clean up & I need a lawyer,I have no place to go and my 2 rescue dogs will be put to sleep because no one else will take them

Ross township took me to court & the court ruled that I have to vacate my home of 20 years & remove the bridge that FEMA gave me $5000 to put in as well as clean up my land I live on SSI which comes to $600 a month I have no money to clean up & it is insane to make me remove a bridge that FEMA gave the money to put in! I have no place to go I need a Lawyer but have no money!

Just another human being, pushed into insanity by what passes for life in America these days.

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  1. Just another human being, pushed into insanity by what passes for life in America these days.

    Holy shit, seriously Susie? This victim had enough money to buy a scoped pistol and murder two people at a public meeting and was going out to reload.

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