Now punishable by death

We can add graffiti to the list of crimes that demand on-the-spot executions.

“The officers were forced to use the Taser to avoid a physical incident,’’ the chief said.

He was hit once in the chest and collapsed, Martinez said, at which point officers noticed he was showing signs of distress. He was transported by fire-rescue to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

It’s a known fact that people can die when shot with a Taser in the chest. But since police departments don’t have written policies on the use of Tasers, we don’t have to bother with such problems.

3 thoughts on “Now punishable by death

  1. It appears that we may have a serious problem with the people who police us in this country. Just because it was O.K. to use a taser or gun on some Arab in some isolated village in Iraq or Afghanistan, doesn’t make it O.K. to taser and shoot people here in the states. Retraining. Not only retraining the police departments around the country. But also the people who believe that this kind of police conduct is acceptable. As a society we will get what we allow.

  2. But we need a uniform policy on their use. And then there is no excuse for not training cops. There was a time where such policies came from the US Justice Department, but that was before we got ourselves these latter day Reganites (Holder and Obama) who don’t think the federal government should help in any way. (“Government is the problem etc., etc.”)

  3. Immediate imposition of the death sentence for failure to immediately prostrate oneself for some mooks in police uniforms. So much for the “Rule of Law.”

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