Boy, they really do spy on everyone, don’t they?

Organizers of the United Students Against Sweatshops in DC had wondered about “Missy,” an activist who always seemed to be on the scene, though no one seemed to know anything more about her. One thing they did know, however, was that Missy’s appearances were correlated with DC cops showing up at the stores where they were planning (lawful, peaceful) protest actions, preventing them from taking place.

A couple of lucky coincidences and some online sleuthing revealed that Missy was an undercover DC police officer named Nicole Rizzi, who had inflitrated a law-abiding, peaceful group whose purpose was to pressure clothing retailers to buy from suppliers in Bangladesh that met minimum standards on pay and working conditions. The group has filed a lawsuit against the District of Columbia, and they’ve asked the judge for an injunction prohibiting the police from further infiltration and spying of their group.

2 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. Every aspect of the Rules of Evidence has been corrupted. The Cradle of Democracy certainly has been overthrown.

  2. Think Darrell Issa can be persuaded to hold endless hearings about this (presumably) progressive group’s being “targeted unfairly” by an agency that actually can put people in jail?

    Just imagine the reaction if the activists’ group name included the words “patriot” or “9/12.” Non-stop blather from the right-wing noise machine, compete with 24/7 coverage at FoxNoise.

    But because these activists seem to want to help *working* people instead of the corporate masters, I imagine little-to-no coverage from Bill and Rushbo and Seanniepoo and the Beckster (unless, of course, the goons want to participate in their habitual “blame-the-victim” discourse).

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