So we already know he’s a liar and a thief

Steve Lonegan, the teabagger Republican running for the NJ Senate seat:

In 2009 Lonegan sought public financing under the state’s clean elections law, and swore under oath to the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) that he had not participated in any type of advocacy organization for four years prior to becoming a candidate. According to campaign finance data and public tax disclosures, Lonegan had participated in several advocacy organizations, despite his statements to New Jersey officials—including $132,500 from Americans for Prosperity, the group financed by billionaires David and Charles Koch.

But he’s all about “cleaning up government.” FREEDOM!

3 thoughts on “So we already know he’s a liar and a thief

  1. Let’s not forget Cory Booker’s expression of disgust at Pres. Obama’s (surprisingly direct) statements on growing inequality during the campaign. That was a clear expression of his political orientation. Booker is a shill for Wall Street and other moneyed interests that are destroying our country.
    So Lonegan is a dishonest, right-wing nutcase. Booker is a dishonest, right-wing Trojan horse.

    A Trojan horse is much worse than no horse at all. LOTE. Again.

    Yea! and hip, hip hooray for Democrats.


  2. The state of New Jersey has become as much of a national laughing stock as has the Keystone state. Wall to wall corrupt politicians.

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