Well, he said at Netroots Nation he was thinking about running. It would be good to have someone in the Democratic field pushing the candidates to the left:

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, who says he’s open to making another bid for president, will travel next week to Iowa, a move that will surely stoke further speculation that Dean may run in 2016.

The former presidential candidate will speak Wednesday at the Iowa Federation of Labor convention, taking him back to the same state where he finished third in the 2004 Iowa caucuses and made his infamous “Dean Scream.”

A spokesman for Dean’s independent group, Democracy for America, said Dean will be talking next week about the organization’s “Purple to Blue Project,” a plan aimed to help Democrats win state House and Senate seats.

While the project is focused on five races in Virginia this year, the group plans to expand to other states next year, including an effort to win the majority in Iowa’s state House.

3 thoughts on “Hmm

  1. How’s lobbyist Howard Dean going to push the Democrats to the left? By fighting for a balanced budget? Beating the drums for war with Iran? Continuing the War on Terror? Supporting drone warfare?

    It’s pretty pathetic that he’s what passes for a liberal Democrat today.

  2. @1 Not a fan of political royalty? No one remembers the Bush tragedy/farce –let’s try a remake. Tho it’s starting to feel a lot like “The Producers.”
    @2 I guess Dean would push the field to the left. Sad, but true.

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