I don’t believe Jack Lew

And Matt Yglesias is a moron if he does:

Late Monday, the Treasury Department announced that the federal government will hit the statutory debt ceiling in the middle of October, setting the rough date for the next political/economic crisis. Republicans have been offering a lot of wild theories about their negotiating strategy around this, but on CNBC this morning Secretary Jack Lew said the right thing about the administration’s bargaining strategy—there is no strategy because there is no bargain.

No, really, this time they really, really mean it! Uh huh.

I promise you, the Grand Bargain is coming. Obama is not sucking up to all those Republican senators, meeting them for extended meals, because he wants to stonewall them. That’s not the plan.

I’ve told you what the plan is. I’m tired of trying to explain it to people who don’t want to listen. It’s coming, and we have to get ready to fight back.

4 thoughts on “I don’t believe Jack Lew

  1. After Obama bombs Syria it won’t much matter what he wants or what he tries to do, he’ll be toast. Nobody…..few in the 99% will give him the time of day. And any Congressperson who tries to help him will be thrown out of office in 2014. Neither the Libertarian Right nor those on the Left will give the man any support at all. They will, in fact, vigorously work to undermine him.

  2. Does it ever occur to people like you that there is no advantage for Republican leadership to make any type of “Grand Bargain” with Obama? Have 5 years of obstruction for obstruction’s sake not taught you anything about the political calculus that is republican strategy?

    It makes far more sense at this point for the GOP to simply codify the sequester and continue to drag down the ‘recovery’ than it would be to make any deals. They had the deal of a lifetime in 2011 and they walked away from it, they refuse to make specific spending cut demands because they don’t want a deal, this seems perfectly obvious to anyone. They can blather on and on about how the President needs to get “serious” about the deficit but they don’t have the stomach to cut entitlements either. It’s all politics.

  3. @Johnnybuck: Yep. Thank dog we can count on the Repub nutcases to protect us from Obama’s obsession with rolling back the New Deal and the Great Society. Barry’s doing it for our own good, of course.

    And maybe Rand Paul can keep us from new, mindless foreign invasions. Kerry can hardly wait to ask someone to be the first soldier to die for a mistake.

    Breathe in…., feel the deep sense of security, serenity and bi-partisanship and… breathe out.

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