Fukushima and the West Coast

Here’s the real problem (and they’re two separate issues). The first is the actual radiation plume, which is particulate matter that is carried by air currents. Some experts are insisting that’s no big deal, that it’s equivalent to background radiation (it’s not, but whatever).

The real problem is the vast amount of radioactive water that’s been released into the Pacific Ocean for the past two years. Those particles are now in the food chain, but since the feds are either not testing, or not releasing the results of those tests, we have to piece together whatever pieces we can. It’s not looking good.

Personally, I wouldn’t eat any Pacific Ocean fish at all. And since processed fish is probably contaminated too, I wouldn’t eat anything that wasn’t from the Northern Atlantic – although that will eventually be contaminated, it probably won’t be as bad. I hope.

4 thoughts on “Fukushima and the West Coast

  1. I’ve thought that through myself and agree. Gulf Seafood has been contaminated for a long time. Now, with most of the stores where I shop getting their seafood from Asia, I have to really watch the labels.

    Really sad. I love seafood.

  2. I am wary of seafood from the Gulf that is caught west of Panama City, FL. I do buy seafood when I am in the Big Bend area of Florida and most seafood I buy comes from estuaries in that area or we catch it ourselves.
    As far as the Pacific, a problem rarely discussed is that not only have these holding tank of water not just going directly into the ocean, but, into the ground water leeching into the Ocean ever so slowly…
    Earth is 4 billion years old and we managed to destroy it in 200 years…

  3. If you support nuclear power raise your hand. Then move to any house within 5 miles of the Fukushima facility. Please blog us from there for as long as you are able.

  4. About that irrelevant plume, do you remember the radiation plume into Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the Urals from Chernobyl? That didn’t remit until the Russians entombed the reactors in concrete. Fukushima is more reactors continuing to be air exposed. Could it be that there is no radiation plume because there are WMD’s in Iraq (or they are not spying on us here)?

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