What a nut case

What a clown:

Do anything to combat global warming in Glenn Beck’s office? You’re fired.

To prove his case against global warming, which Beck labels a “load of socialist, communist crap,” the right-wing talk-show host announced his war against energy-efficient light bulbs.

On air, he asked a staffer to write a memo that threatened to fire anyone caught using one. The YouTube video of the moment was picked up by Grist.

“I’m dead serious,” Beck said on his radio program, as his employees titter nervously. “I fire the person that starts to purchase fluorescent light bulbs, unless that is the only light bulb for a very specific reason, and I want to be cc’d on what that reason is.” How about to light a dark room? Is that reason enough?

But Beck’s vendetta against eco-friendly office supplies doesn’t end there. He told one worker not to purchase any more recyclable spoons, either.

“If anyone does anything in this company because of global warming, they’re fired,” he said. He’s OK with saving trees, though. Except for writing all those memos.

Perhaps Beck didn’t get the memo that a majority of Americans believe climate change is real.

2 thoughts on “What a nut case

  1. Pssst, Glenn, firing combats global warming because there is one less person driving to work.

  2. What about changing bulbs because it might be a good idea not to use any more electricity than you need to? You know, to not waste electricity, which some people might call “conserving”. Why do conservatives hate conserving of all kinds: power, water, gasoline, food? Is it because they are not “conservative” at all, but truly just servants of big money which profits not just on use of goods, but waste also.

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