Transportation for D’Andre


If you can spare a few bucks, here’s a Massachusetts mom in need of a miracle. (There are so many people in need, but I’ve been where she’s been and I’d love to help in any way.) You can donate here:

I am a single mom of an amazing son, he is D’Andre. My son has Autism, Mental Retardation J.R.A, Asthma, Allergies, Urology issues and Eczema.

We have seen some dark days this year, I have experienced identity theft along with loss of a job, now our car broke down and it is more than what I anticipated, the car is in the shop, we own it, and the costs of the repairs are $2,650.00.

We just moved in May of this year, and D’Andre started camp on July 10, 2013 he was taken to our old address, and the next day was lost with the driver and monitor for approx. 2 hours, he is now not willing to ride the school buses in fear he will be lost in the forest he says. I am asking for any support.

The Jeep is 2004 with 47,777 miles on it, and its our life, I use it to clean offices and homes, and I will clean for whoever is willing to assist us. Please more than anything, I want to be able to drive D’Andre to and from school. The Jeep is at the dealership in Braintree, MA Quirk Jeep, payments can be also sent directly to them, Reg# 414KY9 Thank you for your support.

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  1. Gonna send the Jeep dealer a check – the link doesn’t work very well. She certainly has her hands full!

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