I spent several hours in the past two days dealing with my very favorite corporation. Turns out their technician showed up 45 minutes late yesterday (“They scheduled five visits in one hour”) and then a half-hour late today.

“We’re very sorry about that, Ms. Madrak, and we will be putting a $20 credit on your bill.”

“This was two visits in a row where the technician was late. Shouldn’t I get two credits?”

She did not agree.

On Monday, I tried to cancel Showtime and HBO again.

“Do you like Showtime and HBO?” the customer service rep said.

“Sure, but I can’t afford it,” I said.

Now I’m getting HBO, Showtime and Starz — for $50 less a month, and the addition of high-speed internet at no additional cost. Guaranteed for two years! Imagine how much they’re overcharging when they keep making these deals.

One thought on “Comcastic

  1. Here’s a ‘getting free premium channels’ tip:
    First – don’t be honest/nice, be angry/insulted. Harp on the lengthy record you have with them.
    Second – after you get a supervisor, be sorry you got so angry. Too many things going on, the rep was rude.
    Third – ask what they can give you in return for ‘all this hassle’.
    They’ll give you something. For free. Just a checkbox for them.
    It doesn’t cost them anything, really. They now make money on the insane amount of commercial channels these days – there seem to be more of them than anything else!
    Our 6-month free Showtime and Starz just ran out. We got them after a good bitching session – be sure to talk to a supervisor. Regular reps cannot give stuff for free.
    It’s time to bitch about something else again. If one will not give you anything, try again the next night with a different supe. Complain how horrible the previous one was. They have call centers all over – they wouldn’t know one from the other.
    This is directv – I doubt it’s any different at comcast.
    Altogether we’ve gotten free premium channels for quite a while. Don’t call right after the first freebie expired. Wait for some time, then come up with something to call about.
    Works about 80% of the time.

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