A semi-normal Republican…. in North Carolina?

Republican congressional candidate Jason Thigpen is speaking out against North Carolina’s new voter identification law, characterizing the measure passed by the state’s GOP-controlled legislature as a “turd.”

Thigpen, who will challenge Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) in next year’s primary to represent North Carolina’s 3rd District, said the measure signed into law by Gov. Pat McCrory (R) earlier this month is “discriminatory.”

“You can paint a turd and sell it as art, but it’s still a turd,” Thigpen said in an article posted to his Facebook page on Monday. “This is 2013 and any legislator that puts forth such a discriminatory bill should be laughed out of office. This is America, not Russia.”

He continued, “You have those that honestly believe our country would be better off turning back the clock to years ago, also known as the ‘good-old days,’ which weren’t all that good for everyone. After suppressing the right to vote, what’s next? Are these so-called Representatives going to push for preventing our military, veterans, and women from voting?”

One thought on “Wow

  1. When will Republican politicians stop pandering to the undereducated and intolerant? Jones is actually a right wing Democrat with Republican libertarian tendencies. Which means that he walks around in a constant sate of confusion.

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