The logical question

MJ Rosenberg:

I’m reading a biography of Bobby Kennedy (another one).

And, like all the recent biographies of JFK’s younger brother, it tells the story (as told by Kennedy to a top aide) that on November 22, 1963, he demanded to see the head of the CIA. He then asked him, point blank, if the CIA killed the president.

The story is longer than that. Kennedy grilled both the CIA director and various deputies before he was satisfied with the answer. However, til the end of his life, Bobby kept trying to figure out if the CIA, FBI or Secret Service was involved.

Imagine: the president’s #2 man who knew more about the workings of our government than anyone (he was the Attorney General and the president’s brother) considered the possibility that our own government bumped off the president.

The implications are horrifying. Kennedy putting that question to the head of the CIA is like Colin Powell asking Dick Cheney if he was behind 9/11. Having to ask the question suggests that Kennedy knew that the US government is not run by the people we think are running it. He intended to investigate JFK’s assassination after he became president but, no surprise here, was murdered when it appeared he would win the 1968 election.

What this all means is this: anyone who trust the things “our” government puts out is naive. The same government that lied about Iran, Vietnam, Guatemala, and Iraq cannot be trusted on Syria, or much of anything else. Obama is no JFK. He challenges nothing the CIA, Pentagon, Wall Street or any part of the establishment wants.

But after what happened to the Kennedys, who can blame him?

2 thoughts on “The logical question

  1. If Obama doesn’t deliver the war against Syria to them, he will suffer mightily at the hands of the very same people who allowed the assassinated of Kennedy. They will not harm him physically. But they will destroy him. If he does deliver this war, the 99% will destroy him. Wanna bet Obama ain’t too happy about his career path right about now?

  2. Beejebus! Why would we wrap up the concrete reasons for opposing war in Syria with byzantine conspiracy theories of the past? This just marginalizes anti-war arguments dangerously.

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