Who to believe?

The people who don’t want a war, or the people who want one?

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the Islamic Republic had sent an official memo to the United States through the Swiss Embassy in Tehran (which serves as the US interests section in Iran) last December, in which Washington had been forewarned that “handmade articles of chemical weapons, including sarin gas, are being transferred into Syria.”

In an interview with Aseman (Sky) weekly in Tehran, Zarif added, “In the same note, we warned [Washington] that radical groups might be planning to use these chemical agents. During this period [of war in Syria] Takfiri groups have been encouraged to continue their fratricide and war the result of which has been human catastrophes some photos of which we have already seen in the media.” the Iranian foreign minister, however, stated that the Americans have given no answer to that letter.

4 thoughts on “Who to believe?

  1. The reason that we have heard nothing about the UN inspections (even after they gave a preliminary report to the SG) is that the US is putting every ounce of muscle it has into hi-jacking the findings. The rebels did this attack and it may yet prove to be our “good guys” and not Al Qaeda.

  2. So, I hear that Sec. of State Kerry responded to questions in Congress today that – hey, the big oil sheiks can hardly wait to bankroll our costs in Syria.


    Well, that’s the prime consideration, isn’t it? Not worrying about some ghastly tax hike to finance this thing, right? Not that we ever worried about that before, but times are tough – mainly from all those other times we never worried about it before.

    I think the only other item we have to consider is changing the national anthem from “The Star-Spangled Banner” to the theme song from the old TV series “Have Gun, Will travel”.

  3. The rebels did this attack and it may yet prove to be our “good guys” and not Al Qaeda.

    Putin is gambling that evidence pointing to Assad will never be forthcoming. That’s why he’s untypically open to security council action if in fact regime culpability can be proven. They can’t finally prove it, despite the endless natter about intelligence and “facts.”

    UN investigators allege that the rebels used sarin in previous incidents. Probably accurate. Al-Nusra Front operatives were busted in Turkey with chemical weapons and bomb making equipment. There are many possibilities that could add to the false flag thesis, because let’s face it Washington has been looking to play this ace card ever since arming of the rebels via the back door failed to pan out. The CIA ran weapons through Turkey for well over a year. Obama’s line about non-lethal support didn’t address the night flights. The defeat of the rebels at al-Qusayr and subsequent headway by Assad meant the strategy had to change, so there was a lot riding on staging something like this – especially with a team of UN weapons inspectors in town, YouTube in the wings and the world watching. As George Galloway put it, Assad is “bad enough to do it” is would he be “mad enough to do it.”

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