Medical update

Saw my doctor this morning (who bitched constantly because under their new computerized system, she has to re-enter my entire medical history herself into the software program– the business manager doesn’t want the office staff to do it) and she told me that although she would order the tests, she thought it was unlikely that I had diabetes.

“You’ve been getting blood work pretty regularly for the past five years, and we haven’t seen anything abnormal,” she said. “And neuropathy is not usually seen in the diagnostic stages.”

So what is the numbness and tingling from? She concurred with the physiatrist that it might have to do with the herniated disks in my neck, and now I’m supposed to get an MRI of my neck.

I keep saying how hard blogging is on the body, and the only people who agree with me are … other bloggers.

3 thoughts on “Medical update

  1. Good that the Doc will check the glucose for peace of mind, I hate pooh poohing doctors… Bad about the disks, hope you can get relief from that soon. 🙂

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