Boardwalk Empire: Season 4, Episode 2: Resignation

Now working as a “delivery man” for Dean O’Banion, Van Alden (aka George Mueller) is ordered to keep tabs on Al Capone, and is ordered to attack Cicero voters at a political rally.

Dr. Valentin Narcisse arrives in Atlantic City, clashing with Chalky and Nucky over the loss of Dicky, the talent agent Nunn stabbed to death after he accused him of raping his wife. (Narcisse kills Dicky’s widow. Despite using her in a game of chess with Chalky and Nucky, he doesn’t believe she was raped, either.) Guess where her body is dumped? The new development in Tampa where Nucky has demanded a piece.

In Washington, Agent Warren Knox turns out to be working with J. Edgar Hoover, acting director of the Bureau of Investigation. Richard Harrow can’t bring himself to kill a man after he finds out he has a wife and kids, nor can he shoot the dying family dog even after his sister Emma asks him to. (Looks like Richard is losing his taste for cold-blooded killing.)

Eddie demands a promotion after 11 years of service. Nucky is annoyed: What does he want from him? Doesn’t he take care of Eddie? Isn’t he as loyal to Eddie as his servant is to him?