2 thoughts on “Guess who thinks Rick Perry deserves a second chance?

  1. Why would he not? Here’s a suggestion for Rick….go join al Shabab in Kenya. They could use a few more egocentric politicians in that organization. Their stupidity is surpassed only by that of Kenya’s Prime Minister, Uhuru Kenyata. This dolt invited an Israeli Special Forces unit into his country to fight against Islamic “terrorists” in the shopping center. And Israel sent them! Think of the propaganda value of that idiotic move. But it is exactly what Rick Perry would have done. Or John McCain. Or Sarah Palin, etc.

  2. My guess is that the Governor is jealous of the attention his political enemy, Sen. Cruz, is getting. And there is the not insignificant chance Cruz may seek the Repub. nomination for President in 2016.

    That, I think, is what motivates Perry.

    Although the only Perry I would vote for is a platypus.

    They don’t do much, you know.

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