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TPP protest

Glad that people are out there, exposing this proposed shitty deal:

This afternoon, September 23rd, protesters concerned about the looming Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) covered the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative with banners calling for a democratic process and a release of the treaty’s text. The group, which included members of, Backbone Campaign, Veterans for Peace, CODEPINK, and Earth First!, say that the TPP will have vast consequences for U.S. laws, workers rights, the environment and many other aspects of life.

We decided to expose these secret negotiations by going right to their national office and plastering the Office of the US Trade Representative with messages that let them and the public know what they are doing. We took over their office building today, and plan to continue to escalate tactics in Congress and wherever we see opportunities to expose the TPP, stop the undermining of democracy through Fast Track and have a real debate over whether the US wants rigged trade for big transnational corporations or fair trade that puts people and the planet before profits.

So far, the TPP has been drafted with an unprecedented degree of secrecy. While information has been kept from the public more than 600 corporate advisers have access to the treaty’s text – including companies such as Halliburton, Monsanto, Walmart, and Chevron. The Obama administration has kept the TPP classified, making it the first-ever classification of a trade agreement. In addition to denying public access to its text, the president has urged Congress to use Fast Track to pass the treaty. Fast Track would limit congressional consideration of the text to a quick up or down vote and give President Obama the power to sign and negotiate the treaty. This turns the Constitution on its head as the Commerce Clause authorizes Congress to “regulate commerce among nations” not the president.”

Seven advocates dressed as workers attached four massive banners to the front and side of the US Trade Representative’s office. Banners read “Transparency: Release the Text,” “Democracy, not Corporatocracy,” “Corporate Coup against the People and Planet” and “Flush The”  Other activists at the front of the building held a large 15 foot tall sign that said: “Trading Away People’s Lives and the Planet’s Future.”  They were able to cover the building in banners and hold this un-permitted protest and negotiate doing so without anyone getting arrested, in fact one activist who had been held in handcuffs was even released.

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  1. The Obama administration has kept the TPP classified, making it the first-ever classification of a trade agreement.

    Now THAT should be impeachable!

  2. Let’s not impeach this guy Obama. Has does have his good qualities. Like backing down under pressure. The Zionist lobby (AIPAC) makes him back down all the time. The Zionists continue to reject any rapproche’mon between America and Iran for instance. The Zionists big enemy at the moment is Iran. Once it was the Palestinians. But they demonized the Palestinians as boogiemen for for so long that nobody believes it any more. Israel needs to invent some external enemy so that the Zionists can maintain their grip on power in Israel. (We use Russia and China as our scapegoats.) Unfortunately, U.S politicians are so afraid of AIPAC’s power and money that they refuse to do what’s best for the American people. So we all dance to Israel’s tune.

  3. “…and have a real debate over whether the US wants rigged trade for big transnational corporations or fair trade that puts people and the planet before profits…”

    Yes, we’ll have that debate right along with the debate over whether a citizenry should be spied on constantly by its own “government” – actually the owners of the transnational corporations acting through their little proxy devices – such as the U.S. Meaning never.

    Once upon a time, being a “nation-state” meant something. No more. These days, what were the old “nation-states”, and especially their armed forces and intelligence gathering capabilities, are just tools used by the owners of the transnational corporations to make sure no force ever stands in the way of deployment of capital, and the maintaining of power and capital by the “right” people.

    That such deployment of capital plunders the Earth of its resources, despoils it, ruins the lives of billions of people, stamps out any vestige of democracy, and puts us on a path to extinction is a minor detail.

    Capital and money uber alles.

  4. Oh IMHO, I don’t know how to get you to see the damage that your equivocation about Obama’s abuses is doing to your political choices. For craps sake if that nitwit GWB classified trade negotiations among multi-nationals and closed the public off from self governance issues until a last minute stampeded vote of the Congress on a treaty, you would be after his hide. Secrecy in this case is designed to protect against an informed public. WE are the enemy! It’s our country and this conspiracy is treasonous. They are talking about immunity from taxation, domestic courts, labor, property and environmental laws. You have been posting self perceived distinctions between liberals, neo-liberals or leftists. Hot Tip: If they are all wholly owned subsidiaries of a corporatist Democratic Party, they are one and the same, no matter which tinfoil hat you choose. Zionism has nothing to do with the issue at hand. Stamping these negotiations secret is a crime against democracy and open government. If Obama did that, impeach the SOB. The idea that he is “our” SOB is belied by the act of classifying.

  5. We sooooo need a good whistleblower about what’s going on in these TPP negotiations. ASAP.

    We need one with great research and document capturing skills.

    C’mon, someone on the inside! Help us out here!!!

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