6 thoughts on “Ted Cruz gets health insurance from Goldman Sachs

  1. Who cares about Mr. “Zero” Ted Cruz? Who we should care about is Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein. Feinstein’s Intelligence Committee held a hearing on the NSA yesterday. James Clapper, Obama’s DNI, was the ‘brains’ on Feinstein’s first panel. On his right sat Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander the Director of the NSA, and on his left sat some flunkie from the Justice Dept. Clapper, as we all know, is a bold-faced liar. So what he had to say can be categorized as meaningless bullshit. Alexander agreed with Clapper’s every word and then babbled on about how the NSA’s work product was nothing short of wondrous. The American people can expect to learn nothing from witnesses like these. Which is why Democrat Feinstein and those of her ilk can not be trusted.

  2. I guess he doesn’t mind doing the bidding of his sponsors, as long as their crimes don’t affect him. And that’s conservatism, rendered down to it’s core philosophy: If it doesn’t affect me, it’s not a problem.

  3. @Imhotep: Do you know the meaning of “off-topic?” Unless Diane Feinstein voted against the ACA and has publicly taken to the media attempting to shut down the government in an effort to stop funding the ACA’s provisions but has some cushy health insurance that wouldn’t be available to her constituents, you really need to back the fuck off and take your comments to a more appropriate venue.

    Gods, I am so fucking sick and tired of you people who think that the NSA is doing something unusual, and that the American people have never been spied on by the government. And, the simple fact of the matter is that YOU and the rest of your kind would be among the first to cry out to the heavens about the government “failing” you IF they had some sort of evidence of a possible terrorist attack.

  4. You’re new here, aren’t you. No, I wouldn’t be blaming the NSA if there was another attack. After all, didn’t we just have another attack — in Kenya?

  5. Well hello there Joseph! Thought I’d introduce myself because you will find you are sick and tired of me too. I actually think spying on the American public by a government lacking probable cause should be criminal, which is pretty much where things were after the Church Committee’s work. I would tear down both the NSA and CIA and start from scratch. I really don’t have much fear of terrorists grounded in the Middle Ages. I am damn worried about 21st century secret democracy and the imperial executive powers it appears to entail be it Obama or Cheney. You will find a lot of my ilk around here.

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