One thought on “Oh dear, we can’t do a thing!

  1. Obama is probably as tired of the political gamesmanship that passes for governing in Washington these days as the rest of us are? But alas, today he has to host Zionist Benny Netanyahu and his warmongering dog and pony show. Netanyahu and the Zionists, the right wing Evangelical Christians, and the Islamic radicals are all extremists. The end game for these fanatics is Armageddon. A worldwide conflagration staged to usher in “Gods reign on earth.” The members of these groups are all one brick short of a full load. With all of that on his plate Obama is then forced to push back against the Clinton’s of this world with their fantastical reading of the Constitution and their weird trillion dollar coin ideas. Why Obama hasn’t been seen running and screaming from the W.H. with his hair on fire yet is a mystery?

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