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Do they even have a mechanism to remove names? I don’t think they do:

(RNS) A Muslim woman now living in Malaysia struck a blow to the U.S. government’s “no-fly list” when a federal judge ruled Tuesday (Jan. 14) that the government violated her due process rights by putting her on the list without telling her why.

Muslims and civil rights advocates say the no-fly list disproportionately targets Muslims, and they hope the ruling will force the government to become more transparent about the highly secretive program.

“Justice has finally been done for an innocent woman who was wrongly ensnared in the government’s flawed watch listing system,” Elizabeth Pipkin, a lawyer representing Rahinah Ibrahim, said in a statement.

Ibrahim, 48, a mother of four with a doctorate from Stanford University, was waiting to board a flight from San Francisco to Hawaii en route to Malaysia in 2005 but was told she was on the no-fly list. She was eventually cleared to fly to Malaysia, but her visa was revoked soon afterward and she could not return to Stanford. She was never told why she was put on the list, and in 2006 she sued the government to find out.

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  1. Section 215 of the Patriot Act is a clear violation of the constitution. It isn’t the only section that violates our rights. No-fly lists are another. Taken as a whole the Patriot Act is unconstitutional. Legislation like the Patriot Act (written by ALEC) becomes law because our politicians are lazy, self-interested, egomaniacs. Exactly the kind of people the 1% wants holding public office. Hillary voted “Yes” to pass the Patriot Act at the very moment Christie was helping Giuliana scare the crap out of everybody living in the Northest Corridor.

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