Prose vs. poetry

Russia may be the only country in the world where people take these questions this seriously.

Russian stabbed to death for preferring prose to poetry (via AFP)

A dispute between two Russians over the respective merits of poetry and prose ended up with one of them, a former teacher, stabbing his friend to death, investigators said Wednesday. The two friends were having a drinking session in the city of Irbit…

3 thoughts on “Prose vs. poetry

  1. What if you already knew how the book, or the poem, was going to end before you read a single line? Just for shits and giggles look up Donald Rumsfeld on Google. His father was a real estate agent. Donald attended Baker Demonstration School. Ever hear of it? He graduated from New Trier High School. Check out New Trier High School’s list of notable alumnus. Then make a list of all the famous people who graduated from your H.S. Getting a bit strange, right? Donald went off to Princeton and roomed with Frank Carlucci. You remember Frank don’t you? Now look up Project Pegasus, Andrew D. Basiago and last but not least, Mensa. And we wonder where the 1% finds it’s foot soldiers?

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