Taking the 5th

Big surprise there. Sounds like someone else looking to make a deal:

Governor Christie’s former deputy chief of staff, Bridget Kelly, will not turn over documents in response to a legislative subpoena, her lawyer said Monday, making her the second person to invoke constitutional protections against self-incrimination.

The information demanded by a legislative committee about the George Washington Bridge lane closures “directly overlaps with a parallel federal grand jury investigation,” a letter from attorney Michael Critchley, Sr. to the committee’s special counsel states. The letter, obtained by The Record, also cites her right to privacy.

“Moreover, providing the Committee with unfettered access to, among other things, Ms. Kelly’s personal diaries, calendars and all of her electronic devices amounts to an inappropriate and unlimited invasion of Ms. Kelly’s personal privacy and would also potentially reveal highly personal confidential communications completely unrelated to the reassignment of access lanes to the George Washignton Bridge,” Critchley wrote.

Already released records show that Kelly sent an e-mail to a Port Authority executive weeks before the lane closures: “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,” it said. Christie fired Kelly last month after the e-mail surfaced. He also cut ties with his former campaign manager, Bill Stepien, whose attorney last week also declined to produce the documents requested by a subpoena.

4 thoughts on “Taking the 5th

  1. “…amounts to an inappropriate and unlimited invasion of Ms. Kelly’s personal privacy…”! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.
    Also,…”reassignment of access lanes…”! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  2. Huh.

    Will DOJ raids of the residences of these actors be forthcoming or is the US Attorney for NJ giving them enough time to delete their gmail accounts, iPhones, and Blackberries? I can see how you are unable to compel someone to testify against themselves, but if indictments are served, those defendants can’t destroy evidence. Evidence isn’t testimony against yourself, especially if it’s official state business, whether conducted on NJ state email servers or NJ state officials’ private email accounts. Christie knows this. That’s why he never texts or emails.

    Funny that no electronic record is safe from the NSA or google, but NJ legislators have to scrabble around looking for information about the intentional disruption of legitimate travel on the George Washington Bridge. If the officials who moved the traffic cones had worn “diapers on their heads” (as one congressman put it) we’d have targeted and obliterated the NJ governor’s mansion with multiple cruise missile strikes from offshore submarine platforms.

    I wonder what the google-selected advertisements on Bridget Ann Kelly’s Gmail accounts look like. Need a good defense lawyer? Are you looking for a licensed and bonded demolitions expert for large structures? Get the latest traffic reports for your area! Earn your criminology degree, from your own home! Change the world with your ideas for disruptive technologies–start now with a website with GoDaddy! Restart your career in ratfucking in three easy steps with a LinkedIn account . . .

  3. Why did Christie decide to channel Richard Mildew Nixon when setting up his administration? Why is the 1% allowing Christie to twist slowly in the wind? Things can’t be going very well for the 1% or the Gov’nr would have been gone weeks ago. Can’t we all stop acting like we still live in a viable democracy? Just take a look at the stupidity that is John Kerry. He’s even a worse Secretary of State than Hillary was. How is that possible?

  4. The Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination does not extend to one’s papers and effects.

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