And the Democrats don’t even try

Capitol Christmas Tree Lighting, Washington DC (USA) - Dec 2013

Let’s face it: The Democrats are happier being the minority party, because that way, they still get fat donor checks and they don’t have to piss off the people who gave them the money:

Americans overwhelmingly consider Republicans to be out of touch, and they trust them less than Democrats on the issues — but that doesn’t mean the GOP is in bad shape for the 2014 elections.

That’s the takeaway from a Washington Post/ABC poll released Tuesday morning, closely echoing a New York Times/CBS survey last month that found Americans saw the GOP as divided, pessimistic and “out of step with the public on a range of issues,” but planned to vote for them regardless.

Respondents to the Post/ABC poll evenly trusted both parties on the economy, and gave the GOP a slim edge on its ability to handle the federal budget deficit. Democrats, however, had a 13-point advantage on helping the middle class, and an 8-point edge on handling health care, energy policy and immigration, according to the poll.

Asked whether President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party are in touch with the public’s concerns, Americans were about evenly split. But 68 percent said the Republican party is out of touch — including about 40 percent of those who identify as Republicans themselves.

One thought on “And the Democrats don’t even try

  1. Part of the problem is that 40% of Rethugs who believe their party is out of touch. No matter how sickening it is, they’ll still vote Repuke. If they take any action it will be not to vote at all, rather than vote for a Dem, and simply make their party a more concentrated cyst of inhumanity.

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