3 thoughts on “Prescient

  1. Unfortunately for Krugman, and 99.9% of the nation, we live in a time of unparalleled corruption in this nations history. Being correct on an issue simply gets you ostracized. Corporate Media’s new motto is, “If it’s not Reich, it’s wrong.”

  2. Karl Marx wrote about all of these issues in 1867 in “Das Kapital.” Why it took Krugman and the other economists over 100 years to catch on is a puzzlement. Probably because none of them ever read much Marx. That’s a shame.

  3. Since Malthus, anyone studying ‘economics’ has noted that capital always collects in the hands of fewer and fewer people. And being human beings they realized that it’s not a good thing for society. Unfortunately we find ourselves living in a time where economics has changed from an intellectual pursuit to one of religious dogma. One doesn’t study economic theory, one internalizes economic catechism.

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