Dear God

They never, ever, ever give up, do they?

Fox News reported Thursday on what it described as “secret documents” showing Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl converted to Islam and even declared himself a “warrior” for the religion during his five years of captivity.

Citing “secret documents prepared on the basis of a purported eyewitness account,” Fox’s James Rosen wrote that Bergdahl had a roller-coaster experience after he was captured in 2009.

There were times, according to Rosen, when Bergdahl was “treated very much like a hostage,” and other times the soldier bonded with his captors and was even allowed to carry a gun.

According to the report, Bergdahl managed to escape for five days at one point and. After he was re-captured, he was reportedly locked in a cage “like an animal.”

Yes, I know there is a Code of Conduct for POWs. Like many things that are meant only for those at the bottom of the food chain, it’s a cruel joke. Torture breaks people. Easy for the brave men who send kids into battle to make these rules when we know they don’t observe the rules themselves. (Geneva Conventions, anyone?)

So anything this guy did to survive is fine with me.

Just as polite people in the media never, ever mention that the captive John McCain praised his captors in a propaganda film for the North Vietnamese!

Whatever works to keep you alive, dude.

3 thoughts on “Dear God

  1. In related news. 1st Obama got rid of the CIA station chief in Afghanistan and now he’s getting rid of Gen. Joseph Dunford the top military commander in Afghanistan. He’s winding down the war. Albeit far too slowly. Then we have Israel who announced yesterday that they are going to build 1500 new homes in the occupied territories and Jerusalem as a “punitive” measure. Said Housing Minister Uri Ariel that is “an appropriate Zionist response to the formation of the Palestinian terrorist government.” He’s talking about the new unity government formed last week by the PLO and Hamas. Aren’t we all just a little bit sick of the warmongering by the Zionist terrorists?

  2. I agree that it is hypocritical for the men and women who send our young soldiers into harm’s way to lecture and judge them on the POW Code of Conduct when these individuals never had to deal with the same brutal situation that our POW’s (and the adversary’s POW’s) had to deal with. This Code was developed in 1955, two years after the Armstice of the Korean Peninsula quagmire. I felt that war was just as stupid and pointless as Vietnam and I certainly hold nothing against those POW’s who either collaborated or defected as long as they did not WILLINGLY jeopardize their fellow POW’s. (Some may have UNWILLINGLY done so). Since the U.S. government deliberately prolonged that war by two extra years by opposing INVOLUNTARY repatriation of anti-communist POW’s (a dangerous precedent from the 1949 Geneva Convention) simply to score Cold War propaganda points instead of protect these POW’s welfare, it should be no surprise that U.S. POW’s decided that the Truman Administration had abandoned them. Once feeling abandoned, these POW’s felt nothing to lose by doing whatever they had to in order to survive.

  3. Keeping in mind what william r. delzell said, when are we going to close Gitmo? If it’s left up to the Republicans, Gitmo will never close. Gitmo has become one more political issue for the Republicans to beat the Democrats over the head with. For Republicans it’s all politics all of the time. They are masters of the propaganda of fear. We would all be much better off as a country if every Republican disappeared. Let’s all pray that God raptures them up very soon.

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