Anybody but Hillary

Max Sawicky is back, with some interesting thoughts on how (and why) to break open the Democratic primary:

The sort of campaign that can have some constructive effect is one that imposes costs on the front-runner and by extension, the party’s national elite/big donor/consultant machine. One cost is to compete with Clinton in such a way that she is obliged to do things she wouldn’t otherwise do, spend money and political capital she would prefer to deploy elsewhere. A critique of her centrism that effectively alienates potential liberal supporters is the obvious approach. But this would have to be quite a critique, to discourage support to the extent of depressing turn-out in a general election with very high stakes. To be clear, the ideal outcome is not to sabotage her campaign, it is to force her to commit to positions that are hard to reverse later.

Of course candidates’ primary campaign promises are never worth very much. I have a different, principal objective in mind. The Democratic Party needs to reconsider its purpose, since (like the Republicans) it is presently committed to policies that harm the nation and threaten the very survival of humanity. It needs to abandon the religion of deficit reduction. It needs to get serious about public investment, not content itself with a sprinkling of additional money (on top of a reduced baseline). It needs to reject its love for the corporatization of public K-12 education. It needs to reverse so-called welfare reform. It needs to be serious about climate change, rather than embracing the bogus theme of energy independence. And it needs to get out of the Empire business, not the least of which should include refusing to indulge every new barbarity committed by its Israeli allies.

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2 thoughts on “Anybody but Hillary

  1. Another Hillary outrage. She said yesterday that “Hamas provoked Israel” into killing 650 and wounding 3800 Palestinian women and children in Gaza. Hillary is a morally bankrupt Zionist warmonger with no credibility.

  2. I’m a little bit pissed that we keep electing politicians that we already know are pre-disposed to eliminating the Palestinians. They, the Palestinians, are the indigenous people of that territory, and were it not for the slaughter of the Israelis during WW2 there would be no Israel or Palestinian issue over who controls what portions of land in the region.
    The United Nations, under pressure of the Security Council, created the Nation of Israel in 1948 under the pressure of the U.S. and ‘God’ as the “chosen people” of the Bible. The land had been peaceful until the idiots of the time believed that it would be an area of security for the West. It’s time for some folks with balls to give up the ghost: the Palestinians are NOT the slaves of the Middle East, and it is really time to stop sucking the pussies of the Jews in the Middle East. Let’s give them a state in Southeast Texas——they’ll love the Hispanics crossing the border!

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