Taney loses to Chicago, 6-5

dragon wagon

If we had to lose to any other team, I’m glad it’s Jackie Robinson West. And here’s hoping the other city team kicks Vegas butt, now that I know their wingnut coach told them they were playing “for American freedoms.”

It was a great game, and Taney almost pulled it out. But they didn’t. (Sports Illustrated jinx?) And I don’t even mind, because they’ve put the joy back in baseball that I haven’t felt since the Phillies won in 2008.

And of course there’ll be a parade.

2 thoughts on “Taney loses to Chicago, 6-5

  1. Drat and double drat! I wanted to see Mo’ne get another start.

    Interesting about the Sodom & Gomorrah team’s coach’s remark.
    I wonder if anyone has asked him to explain.

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