Oh, I just love it.

Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina vowed to pursue the facts wherever the lead him. Opening his committee’s first public hearing since its establishment four months ago, he stressed the thoroughness of the task ahead, not the need to reach immediate conclusions.

“Given the gravity of the issues at hand, I am willing to risk answering the same question twice rather than risk not answering it once,” said Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor leading Congress’ eighth investigation of the deadly Sept. 11, 2012, attack in eastern Libya.

Congress is still seeking documents from the Obama administration related to the attack, he said. More witnesses are being interviewed and individuals who’ve participated in congressional investigations will be questioned again. The special investigation was created to “find all of the facts, and I intend to do so fully,” Gowdy said.

2 thoughts on “BENGHAZI!!!

  1. The Right’s constant pounding on this issue has caused Obama to change his MO on war and peace. The most glaring example of that is his decision to send over 1000 combat troops into Iraq to protect our gigantic 5000 person embassy in Baghdad from an ISIS attack. Placing those troops in Iraq required the use of US airpower as cover. The warmongers (neo-con, hawk, interventionists, Zionists) were determined to get America back on a war footing. We (John McCain and Saudi Arabia) created ISIS. We (the CIA and State Department) caused the Syrian civil war. We (the CIA) failed in our intelligence mission which lead to ISIS severing heads in the desert. They (the warmongers) and the capitalist defense contractors are gleeful at the prospect of making huge profits from another war. The Benghazi ‘pushers’ may be crazy, but they seem to have gotten their way. With the overt help of the Democratic Party.

  2. Does the name “Trey” mean that there are at least two more like him at home?
    Or that his old man squandered the family fortune at the card table?

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