My birthday’s coming

And I really need new glasses. My posture’s been screwed up for a long time because I’m pushing my face right up into the screen.

I’ve been planning to buy glasses for over a year, but every month, something comes up (car repairs, Christmas, etc.) and it gets pushed to the back burner — again.

So what the hell, it can’t hurt to ask. All I really want for my birthday is… a new pair of glasses. Do you guys want to chip in and buy me a pair? I found a neighborhood discount place, it’s $229 for everything: exam, glasses, progressive lenses.

I’d just love it. But don’t worry if you can’t, or don’t want to. I know it’s a long shot.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who contributed! I now have enough to get my new glasses, and I am so grateful.

7 thoughts on “My birthday’s coming

  1. If we had a decent universal single-payer health care system in this country, say Medicare for all, instead of the crappy ACA system that we have now you could get glasses. Free of charge. Another Democratic failure.

  2. Im, don’t be foolish.
    It’s a Republican failure, and you’re playing into their hands by constantly complaining about the lesser of two evils.

  3. Sorry, got distracted there.

    I can no longer bear the sorry sight of Susie ruining her posture by pushing her face right up into the screen, so I’ve sent off a few bucks to the optical fund, and hope that others of you will do the same. This means that I’ll have to do without a few months of The Sarah Channel, but hey…

    Happy Birthday, Susie.

  4. On the one hand we have evil. On the other hand we have evil. Now pick your least favorite evil. Sorry, I refuse to play.

  5. You might try Zenni Optical (, IIRC). Got glasses for $6.95 plus shipping (less than $15 total) and have been wearing them for over a year, every day.

  6. Keith:
    How can they sell glasses that cheap,
    Even with a very simple prescription?
    I suspect industrial slavery.

    And how do they handle the exam on line?

  7. Glasses frames (all of them) are already made in two factories in China — so yes, probably slavery. But the “designer” frames jack up the prices here.

    To use an online store, you need to fax them a prescription. I plan to use my new prescription to order sunglasses online.

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