One thought on “Climate change rally

  1. Speaking of oil as a cause for war. NATO member Turkey is 98% Sunni. ISIS is a Sunni group which controls some oilfields. Turkey allows them to sell that oil acting as ISIS’ broker and transporter. ISIS makes almost $2 billion dollars a year from the sale of the oil that it controls. Turkey gets its 46 diplomatic hostages back from ISIS free of charge for doing business with them. ISIS has 4 goals: 1) Bring down the apostate ruling class in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, the UAE and of course Syria. 2) Destroy the Shiite ruling class in Iran, Qatar, and Iraq. 3) Remove the Zionists from power. And most importantly 4) Drive all U.S. and Western military forces out of the Middle East. The U.S. should capitulate on goal #4 by withdrawing all US military personnel from the ME immediately. That is only one of ISIS’ goals. Imagine who would become the next Ottoman Empire if ISIS succeeds in accomplishing all of its goals?

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