So much cash, they don’t know what to do with it

I just wonder when we get to that “heads on pikes” moment:

Billionaires are holding mountains of cash, offering the latest sign that the ultra-wealthy are nervous about putting more money into today’s markets. According to the new Billionaire Census from Wealth-X and UBS, the world’s billionaires are holding an average of $600 million in cash each—greater than the gross domestic product of Dominica. That marks a jump of $60 million from a year ago and translates into billionaires’ holding an average of 19 percent of their net worth in cash.

“This increased liquidity signals that many billionaires are keeping their money on the sidelines and waiting for the optimal moment to make further investments,” the study said.Indeed, billionaires’ cash holdings far exceed their investments in real estate. Their real-estate holdings average $160 million per billionaire, or about one-fifth of their cash holdings.

3 thoughts on “So much cash, they don’t know what to do with it

  1. It means they know another crash is imminent, at which point they will buy up stocks at steep discounts. Just the boa constrictor getting ready to squeeze us harder next time we exhale.
    There won’t be any tumbrels or heads on pikes, at least not from the occupy side of the game. Of course gun nuts are just itching to blow some libtard heads off, and the police/military are developing all sorts of weapons to burn, blind, deafen, shock and make us sick with.

  2. There should be a law regulating billionaires out of existence and preventing new ones from ever reaching that status. Our tax code could accomplish those goals easily. The cash that the billionaires are holding in reserve today will be invested somewhere other than in the United States. Money is fungible and the people who have vast quantities of it have no allegiance to any particular country.

  3. (“heads on pikes” isn’t funny anymore cuz it’s not so figurative anymore. We have so-called people doing that in parts of Syria and Iraq. I don’t know how to express the fury without making flashbacks to ISIS. “May vultures roost on your uncle’s grave” doesn’t have the same wallop. But we have to find other language, I think.)

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