More on Jim Webb


From Charlie Pierce:

Chances are, I won’t agree with Webb on a great number of issues. (The Tenth Amendment, Jim? Really?) Chances are, I might not even vote for him. But, as is the case with Bernie Sanders, to dismiss Webb now, and thereby dismiss the issues on which he would run, is to spavin the intellectual life of the presidential campaign, and presidential campaigns have a pretty spavined intellectual life in the first place. If Jim Webb runs, the country will be better off for the campaign it wil have. Dammit, that’s enough for now.

3 thoughts on “More on Jim Webb

  1. The more running the merrier. It would be great to have a dozen Democratic presidential candidates out on the stump sticking it to Hillary.

  2. Can’t disagree more. He and Hillary are corporate Borgs cut from the same cloth. Having him and her on stage during a debate with any liberal politician just moves the Overton window further to the right. And you know both he and Hillary would be very well funded, because you know, constituencies, the free market, excuse me while I vomit . . .

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