Working class neighborhoods are disappearing

I see this in my own part of the city. Where are all those people going when they’re making less money than ever?Fishtown

As America has transitioned from a manufacturing economy to a knowledge- and service-based economy, entire neighborhoods and cities have been restructured, according to a recent study by the Martin Prosperity Institute.

American cities today experience distinct class divisions. The “creative class” (tech, law, arts, healthcare, professional jobs) occupies the most economically functional and desirable locations, many of which used to be working-class neighborhoods. The “service class” (lower wage, lower skill jobs like food preparation and retail) live in areas surrounding the creative class. The “blue-collar working class” (factory, manufacturing jobs) has been decimated, and what remains has been relegated to the least desirable places in cities.

The Martin Prosperity Institute study theorizes that creative classes have clustered around four major attractions: urban centers, transit hubs, universities, and natural amenities like coastlines and waterfronts.

Here’s Philly:


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2 thoughts on “Working class neighborhoods are disappearing

  1. WTF is the “creative class?” The almost 1%? Which begs the question, where did all the 1% go in this transitional economy? Here’s another question, where did all the war news go? Last week the 1% news media couldn’t report enough of it. They even made shit up to help their case. The military “experts”—-the “Masters of War”——were everywhere trying to sell us just one more million dollar missile. Then the numbers (polls) began coming out. 70% of active duty military personnel thought sending troops back to the ME was a stupid idea. 70%. 72% of Americans thought that the oligarchy (powers that be) would send troops back no mater what anyone thought. Only 35% of Americans thought that the oligarchy would be justified in doing that.
    That’s why the 1% media is pushing the Ebola virus and the SS this week.

  2. Hey, speaking od news, we’re now in the exciting baseball post-season, where eight teams scattered around the country slug it out for the World’s Championship.
    (Two of them from Missouri. Neither of those from Ferguson.)
    Go, A’s!
    Never mind.

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