You must be kidding

Jimmy John's RECON 2013

Judges won’t uphold crazily restrictive non-competes like this, so I imagine Jimmy John’s just wants to make workers think they have no other options. Joke’s on them — I’ll bet most workers sign it without reading it:

If you’re considering working at a Jimmy John’s sandwich shop, you may want to read the fine print on your job application.

A Jimmy John’s employment agreement provided to The Huffington Post includes a “non-competition” clause that’s surprising in its breadth. Noncompete agreements are typically reserved for managers or employees who could clearly exploit a business’s inside information by jumping to a competitor. But at Jimmy John’s, the agreement apparently applies to low-wage sandwich makers and delivery drivers, too.

By signing the covenant, the worker agrees not to work at one of the sandwich chain’s competitors for a period of two years following employment at Jimmy John’s. But the company’s definition of a “competitor” goes far beyond the Subways and Potbellys of the world. It encompasses any business that’s near a Jimmy John’s location and that derives a mere 10 percent of its revenue from sandwiches….

It isn’t clear what sort of trade secrets a low-wage sandwich artist might be privy to that would warrant such a contract. A Jimmy John’s spokeswoman said the company wouldn’t comment.

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  1. You don’t suppose that Bill Maher has some odd clause in his employment contract do you? Maher abruptly cancelled his live show this past Friday a week after sticking his foot in his mouth. We all know that Maher hates religion, but he never seems to attack Judaism with the same vigor that he goes after Christianity and Islam. Perhaps Maher believes that Jews are an ethnic group and not followers of a religious sect? That might explain his unequal treatment of different religions. Or maybe he doesn’t want to bite the hand that signs his check? His boss, CEO of HBO Richard Plepler, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and is an ardent Zionist. We all need to keep in mind that the Christians were responsible for the Holocaust and the Muslim ME supported the Nazis. Maybe Maher has some weird clause in his contract and can’t talk about inconvenient truths? A noncompete clause if you will.

  2. Imhotep – Maher didn’t cancel his show “abruptly”… at the end he said “We’ll see you in 2 weeks”

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